“Vague Visions”, Oxnard’s ‘Splash Of Color’


Oxnard stand up!


Although we have featured tons of brands that stem from California, “Vague Visions” is the first one that’s from the Ox! In case you haven’t heard of this collective before, take a moment to swipe through the photos above and familiarize yourself with this brand.


As evidently shown, “Vague Visions” gravitates towards fun, easy-going graphics that are both colorful and unique. In terms of a product that caught our attention, the shirt shown in the first photo above stood out the most.


For one, we love the color scheme. The vibrant shades of red, orange, and green are perfectly accented by the light blue fabric, allowing this graphic to appear as though it is an actual advertisement from a grocery store. Talk about professional-grade stylistics.


Additionally, the inclusion of the words ‘Forbidden Fruit’ enhance this graphic tenfold. By placing an apple next to such typography, “Vague Visions” is touching on a subject that has been questioned since our existence; the tale of Adam & Eve.


As with the product we just mentioned, the entire “Vague Visions” catalog is just as impressive.


With Spring here, and Summer right around the corner, we couldn’t think of a better time to introduce this brand.


To learn more, and to see what else they’ve created, head to their page now!