“Valeza”, Bridging The Gap Between Anime And Streetwear



“Valeza” is another brand that we instantly linked with at Agenda.


What is best described as ‘Anime inspired streetwear’, the “Valeza” collective focuses on bridging the gap between Japanese comics and fashion. If you haven’t heard of this brand before, please take a moment to swipe through the photos above.


As you can tell, “Valeza” masterfully captures their vision through various products including shirts, sweaters, and jackets. In terms of a specific item that caught our attention, the jacket shown in the fourth photo above made a big impression on us.


For one, we believe this product not only highlights this brand’s skill set, but also their potential. Being able to produce a 3-tone jacket with a seamless design, is something most up-and-coming collectives shy away from… but not “Valeza”. Instead, this brand challenges themselves to produce products that not only stand out, but separate them from others, and for that reason alone they’ve earned our respect.


On top of that, their branding is phenomenal. Whether it’s a jacket or a shirt, plastisol ink or a glitter print, the creatives at “Valeza” ensure that their branding is perfect, especially in terms of quality and durability.


All in all, if you enjoy Anime and like to wear dope clothes that make you stand out among your peers, then “Valeza” should be your go to.


“Valeza”, it was nice chatting with you at Agenda, we can’t wait to see you at future events.