“Varsity Los Angeles”, A Vintage Clothing & Memorabilia Powerhouse


The last brand we’re featuring for 2018 is “Varsity Los Angeles”.


“Varsity Los Angeles” is a California-based collective that sells Vintage clothing and memorabilia. Their collection is a whirlwind of nostalgia, with most shirts dating back 20-30 years. On top of being at the forefront of vintage apparel, “VLA” also creates their very own products, and today we will be focusing on that aspect of their brand.


Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the items shown above, all of which are “VLA” originals. By far, our absolute favorite is the hoodie featured in the first photo.


Their ‘Topp Dawg’ hoodies are riveting. Right away this garment exudes a sense of ‘attitude’. The spiked-collar, matched by the red-eyed, teeth-baring Canine, immediately raises alarm. By simply looking at this graphic you can feel how ‘aggressive’ it is.


This brand’s ability to evoke emotional responses from viewers is extremely important to their success. But, if you are into a more calm, clean aesthetic, “VLA” has items for you as well.


Their ‘box logo’, which is shown in the third photo above, is a staple-design among their collection. Existing on both shirts and sweaters, this design is the perfect way to reach a broader audience. Due to the minimal branding, the ‘box logo’ can be worn with any outfit and on any occasion.


If there’s one thing to learn from this brand, it’s this: Don’t limit yourself. Not only is “VLA” finding success in vintage apparel, they are also excelling with their own designs.


In 2019, don’t be afraid to branch out and spread your reach. We have a feeling “Varsity Los Angeles” is going to be around for a LONG time.


Jump on board now and watch their journey; head to their page immediately and tell them Groundead sent you!