“Vautour” Improves Functionality Through ‘Arm & Leg Bag’


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For a moment, allow us to step away from streetwear in the traditional sense and introduce the brand shown above. Most of the companies that we feature pump a ton of resources, and energy, into producing graphics for a wide variety of garments; however, not this brand.


Instead, “Vautour” separates themselves by targeting various subsections of streetwear and, thus, focuses on producing items such as bags, straps, and other function-forward apparel. In our opinion, functionality is the future, and “Vautour” is sitting on the cusp of what is to become a very big, and lucrative industry.


In terms of functionality, the ‘Arm & Leg Bag’ shown in the photo above is a great example of such. The first, and probably most important aspect to point out in regards to this product is its versatility. It can literally be worn or attached to anything that is spherical.


What does that mean? It means that you will never run out of pocket space ever again. This bag, when attached to your arm or leg, not only provides additional storage, but is the perfect ‘staple’ that every outfit needs.


Look, forget trying to find those perfect utility pants with the right amount of pockets and just throw a “Vautour” bag on a pair of pants you already own. Doing so will not only save you money, but also help justify your purchase knowing you supported an underground brand.


Don’t forget about all the Holidays coming up, an item from “Vautour” would be perfect for any occasion.

To see more go to their page at @vautourclo