Korea-based, “Vivastudio”, Collabs With “Jungles Jungles” On Latest Release


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“Vivastudio” is a Korea-based collective that lets their ingenuity shine throughout their entire collection.


Operating out of Seoul, this brand reaches the likes of many worldwide supporters through their cross cultural approach to crafting products. As you can see above, “Vivastudio” competes with the best of them.


In terms of a specific product, our absolute favorite is their collaboration with @junglesjungles shown in the third photo below.


The jacket, which is branded using heavy embroidery, is the perfect example of how two brands can come together and use their platform to better each-other. Plus, we love how the typography builds off of the graphic and, ultimately, ties the entire product together. By embroidering the words “Bored and Brainless” below a skull that exhibits similar characteristics, “Vivastudio” was able to make their graphic appear more ‘wholesome’ and complete.


In terms of their other products, “Vivastudio” strives to offer garments that are unique in fabric, pattern, and branding. Whether you need a new jacket for the upcoming months or a fresh tee to complete an outfit, “Vivastudio” should be your first stop.


This brand cares so much about their supporters that they craft their items with you in mind. Honestly, the future is endless for this collective.


It has been a pleasure watching them grow, and if you haven’t done so already, head to their page right now and hit that follow button @vivastudio_official