“War Bugs Me”, A Friendly Protest Towards Violence



“War Bugs Me” is a brand that challenges society and causes people to rethink their beliefs on violence.


With a warm, ladybug-filled collection, this brand’s gentle approach to protest allows them to create dichotomies that help portray their viewpoints on war. Such ‘soft’ approach to branding products is what we found most endearing.


To understand what we’re referring to, swipe through the photos above and see for yourself. As you can tell, this brand centers themselves around non-aggressive graphics that draw change in the world. In terms of a specific product, our personal favorite is their ‘All Out War’ pillows shown in the first photo above.


Not only do the pillows help this brand extend beyond apparel, they are also printed with a unique graphic that is both powerful and complex. By replacing the soldier’s helmet with a ladybug, “War Bugs Me” is able to quickly, and easily, draw viewers attention towards their product. On top of that, such iteration allows this brand to portray a peaceful protest and, ultimately, create a dichotomy between life and death.


All in all, we love the aesthetic this brand exudes. Through friendly, thought-provoking products they are sparking change in the world.


“War Bugs Me”, on behalf of Groundead, thank you for using streetwear to better society. The community needs more brands like yours.


To find out more about this brand, head to their page and see what they’re up to.