Warren Lotas Introduces New ‘Jason Dunk’ Colorway


Friday the 13th meets Sunday the 2nd



Brand: Warren Lotas

By: Dalton Oium


In November 2019, Warren Lotas delivered one of the most iconic custom shoes ever released, the Jason Voorhees Dunk Low. Made from scratch, these shoes took months to perfect, but as promised, they exceeded all expectations.


Returning with an all new green/red colorway, Warren Lotas is set to release the Jason Dunk 2 ($300 USD) on August 2nd @ 2PM PST.


With 2000 shoes already in production, buyers are promised shipment by October 15th or every order will receive a free $100. In addition to the dunks, this release coincides with Drop 1 which features a huge mix of Marvel-inspired garments from characters such as Venom and Spider-Man.


Even if you are unsuccessful with the dunks, every order over $95 USD will receive a chance to win 5 pairs (one entry per person). Free masks are also included with every purchase.


Drop 1 and the Jason Dunks will be sold exclusively through warrenlotas.com





Published: August 2nd, 2020 | Dalton Oium


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