Beating The Coronavirus With Warren Lotas’s CoronaLux Kit


A Complete Arrangement Of Preventative Essentials To Ease Your COVID-19 Concerns



Originally discovered in Wuhan, China, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has rapidly spread to a worldwide pandemic, sending millions of people into panic.


With over 80,000+ confirmed cases and 3000+ deaths, COVID-19’s unknown cure presents us with one of the scariest diseases our generation has faced.


Pharmacies and online retailers, such as Amazon, are experiencing severe shortages in preventative wear as many are preparing for the worst; gathering a two-week, bug-out, supply of survivalist essentials.


Here to alleviate some of your concerns is Warren Lotas’s CoronaLux kit.


Made in Los Angeles, this kit includes a hand-painted face mask, branded hand sanitizer, and sticker, all of which promote proof that you survived the Coronavirus.


With the World Health Organization (WHO) prompting sterilization and avoidance of contact with your eyes, nose, and mouth, this kit is not only in accordance with the world’s leading health-development group, it proves that even death can be fashionable.


Releasing on March 1st, the CoronaLux kit retails at $100 USD and will be sold exclusively through Warren Lotas’s website.


Prepare for the inevitable.


WHEN: March 1st @ 2PM PST






Published: March 1st, 2020 | Dalton Oium



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