Get Out The Way! “Wayward” Is London’s Next Streetwear Craze



London is definitely a hub for emerging streetwear.


“Wayward”, a London-based collective, plays their part in the UK fashion scene through their constant release of relevant and innovative designs. As shown above, this brand excels at crafting colorful graphics that grasp viewer attention.


In terms of a specific item, our favorite is shown in the first photo above. Their design, which is based on the Hindu Goddess ‘Parvati’, is the perfect example to highlight this brand’s expertise.


As you can tell, by inverting the color-scheme, “Wayward” was able to draw out deep, beautiful hues and, ultimately, allow this graphic to reflect a more ‘energetic’ tone. In doing so, viewers instantly become more engaged in the design and, thus, allow the colors to dictate how the graphic is perceived. On top of that, we know first-hand how difficult it is to print an image of such complexity.


Being able to increase engagement while not sacrificing margins of error, proves that this brand can tackle any task thrown their way.


In regards to their other products, they all follow a colorful and complex structuring. Even if you want a skateboard (seen in the sixth photo above), you receive an amazing piece of art. From top to bottom, “Wayward” has it covered.


Honestly, a trip to London might be in the near future. We cannot wait to pay a visit to all of the wonderful brands we feature. “Wayward”, thank you for joining our platform; it’s well deserved.


Now promise us you will go to their page and hit that follow button! You won’t want to miss what they drop next!


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