Wckdthghts Celebrate 3-Year Anniversary Of ‘KLUXBUSTERS’


A Collection Fueled By Anti-Racism



Wckdthghts is celebrating the new year with a massive, 22-piece collection.


Titled ‘KLUXBUSTERS 3’, these annual releases represent more than just clothing; they’re anti-racism campaigns.



What started as an initial drop in 2017 has since blossomed into an entire movement, gaining support from individuals all over the world.


Not only do people show pride in the movement, they relate and connect with these items in a deeper, more meaningful way.



For this years release, MRWCKD teamed up with CRIMEWAVE and crafted an unforgettable line of high quality products.


Pictured with Fenix Flexin of Shoreline Mafia and Dom Kennedy of OPM, this collection consists of t-shirts, beanies, sweatpants, coveralls, work jackets, accessories, and even a cargo van!



Available later today, ‘KLUXBUSTERS 3’ will be sold exclusively through the Wckdthghts webstore.


Prices range from $7-$178 USD


WHEN: January 29th @ 6PM PST!







Published: January 29th, 2020 | Dalton Oium



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