“What We Wear” Approaches Streetwear With A ‘Clean’ Aesthetic


Photo Nov 20, 10 04 22 PM
Photo Nov 20, 10 04 27 PM

For many of us, the term ‘streetwear’ came about later in life and represented a form a fashion that we embodied, yet were unaware of at the time. In fact, ‘streetwear’ wasn’t necessarily a form of fashion as it is now, instead, it simply represented our ‘style’ as an individual. For streetwear and fashion collective “What We Wear”, the same can be said.


“What We Wear” is a brand that focuses on crafting original products that reflect streetwear at it’s core. What do we mean by that? Take a look at the product above and allow us to explain. As you can tell, the creatives at “WWW” strive to craft unique garments that are both bold and complex.


In terms of a specific item, we really enjoy the shirt shown in the second photo above.


Our reason is simple: graphic iterations and knockoffs are the “OG’s” of streetwear. Many creatives, and aspiring designers, get their first ‘break’ from clever graphics that are re-imagined designs from other logos.


Remember how we said this brand represents streetwear at it’s core? This shirt is a direct example of what we mean. By re-designing an old rice bag graphic and adding their own, personal “WWW” touch to it, this brand is able to pay homage to the roots of streetwear while at the same time expressing their creativity.


Also, us at Groundead love the slight change from “What We Wear” to “What We Eat”, as it plays such a dope, little part in the shirts overall aesthetic.


Clearly this brand pays attention to the the little things! Finding “What We Wear” brought us so much joy and we hope it does the same for you!

Head over to their page now at @ww.wear