“Wicked Clothes”, Your Favorite Halloween-Inspired Brand


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With Halloween right around the corner we thought it would be the perfect time to introduce the brand shown above.


“Wicked Clothes” is a collective that focuses their products around the world of vintage-inspired advertisements for children. As you can tell from the items shown above, the creatives at “Wicked” do a wonderful job at drawing inspiration from old graphics and iterating them to reflect a more modern, ‘twisted’ approach.


In terms of a specific item, our favorite is the “Sell Your Soul” tee shown in the photo above. For one, the graphic reminds us of our childhood, where our only source of income sprouted from various Lemonade stands that our parents convinced us to open.


With that being said, the “Economics for Children” typography at the bottom of this graphic immediately takes us back to our younger, entrepreneurial selves.


Lastly, it is important to note that even though this brand found an ingenious stylistic-approach to building graphics, they don’t overlook the small details. Minimal additions, such as the spray painted pentagram on the side of the stand and the hand-inscribed “Cash 4 Souls” banner, are key components that meaningfully add to the shirts overall aesthetic.


Honestly, all of the items shown above follow similar ingenuity and are unlike anything we have seen before. Who’s someone you know that would die for one of these shirts? Tag them in the comments below and you’re guaranteed to blow their mind.


To be clear, shown above is just a handful of items that “Wicked Clothes” has to offer.

To see their collection in it’s entirety, simply click on this @wickedclothes