“World War MFG” Is Causing Mayhem In Los Angeles



Los Angeles has been the home of streetwear ever since we can remember.


In fact, most of the bigger brands you’ve heard of have came from there; solidifying California as the home of inspiration for innovation. Here to add to the list of Los Angeles-based brands is “World War MFG”.


“World War MFG” is a brand that is focused on blurring the lines between fashion and morality, offering ready to wear pieces that challenge conventional norms. In case you haven’t heard of this collective before, swipe through the photos above to gain a better understanding of their product.


As you can tell, this brand excels at crafting emotionally-charged, provocative items that grasp attention. In terms of a product that stood out the most, the shirt shown in the first photo above had the biggest impact.


Through the use of large, bold typography, the creatives at “World War” quickly, and easily draw viewer interest. Whether or not you are a religious person, seeing a phrase that asks ‘if you’ve met the Lord’, is something that would surely catch your attention. On top of that, small details such as ‘If you are reading this you are dead’ and ‘For assistance call 1-800-666-6666’, help to solidify this brands ‘anarchist’ approach.


The shirt we just mentioned is a great example that shows this brand’s ability to create dichotomies through design. In doing so, “World War MFG” has been able to create a whole collection of unforgettable products.


We cannot wait to see what this brand rolls out next.


To find out, head to their page now!