In 2019, “Year 2000” Is A Customization Powerhouse


It’s 2019, yet “Year 2000” is ahead of their time.


The brand we are featuring today does a lot. Not only do they produce original products, “Year 2000” also deconstructs and rebuilds vintage clothing to reflect a more modern, streetwear aesthetic. From cut & sew, to embroidery, to graphic prints, the creative behind “Year 2000” stops for nothing to capture their vision.


Check out some of the products shown above, we guarantee something will catch your eye.


Which item would you cop?


For us, the ‘WWF’ inspired shirt shown in the first photo above is a no-brainer. Growing up watching ‘Stone Cold’ slam beers before whooping some ass is something we will never forget. Just based off nostalgia alone, this piece has already found a spot in our rotation. However, on top of the childhood memories, we also enjoy this product for other reasons.


For one, the bedazzled logo above the graphic is essential. Due to the light reflecting off the rhinestones, viewers are instantly drawn to that section of the garment. What this does is help “Year 2000” distinguish this item as their own, and thus, viewers are not mistaken into thinking this product was solely created by the World Wrestling Foundation.


To finish it off, “Year 2000” even sewn some of ‘Stone Cold’s’ skull-logos to the side of the garment, bringing the design, and concept, full circle.


When it comes to custom pieces, you won’t find anything like these. Their ‘vintage to modern’ approach is an aspect of this brand that separates them from others. Every single post from “Year 2000” is a surprise.


You won’t want to miss what they drop next.


To find out more, head to their page now!

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