How “Youth Machine” Influences The Youth Of Tomorrow


Pulitzer Prize winner, William Allen White, once said: “Youth should be radical. Youth should demand change in the world. Youth should not accept the old order if the world is to move on.” He may not have known at the time, but William was speaking directly to the heart of every streetwear designer today.


With youth running the industry, streetwear is at the pinnacle of innovation. With that said, the young creatives heading these collectives are relentlessly pushing fashion forward and inspiring change throughout generations to come. The brand shown above is one of the driving forces that empower youth in today’s fashion.


“Youth Machine” is one of those brands that is unforgettable. Their collection, which consists of large, thought-provoking imagery, is a direct ode to this brand’s expertise. One item that truly caught our attention is the hoodie shown in the first photo above.


The first thing to point out is the color-coding. By utilizing non-conventional hues of Purple and Green, “Youth Machine” is able to present their graphic in a very unique, and specific, way. Such stylistics help reflect this brand’s individuality and, ultimately, highlights their ability to create inherent products. On top of that, the imagery and text work perfectly in accordance with each other.


By paring the words ‘Die Once Live Forever’ with images of psychedelic mushrooms, “Youth Machine” is indirectly referring to what is known as an ‘Ego Death’. We won’t go too much into that, but this graphic definitely builds off of itself—as any good design should.


The creatives at “Youth Machine” clearly know what they are doing. Their apparel is complex, unique, and inspiring. “Youth Machine”, thank you for speaking directly to the youth of today.


Your unwavering commitment to challenging fashion is unmatched.


Here’s to changing the world.